The Fire Safety Order 2005, which came into effect in October 2006, was intended to replace a number of pieces of legislation including the requirement for a fire certificate. The main changes were to introduce a risk-based approach. This requires that a Competent Person carries out a continuous risk assessment to demonstrate that the Fire Safety precautions are adequate.


Our onsite survey will identify the people at risk, the hazards present, and the actions which are ‘reasonably practicable’ to reduce the level of fire risk to an acceptable level. This assessment would be recorded, and advice given to assist the implementation of the identified actions.


The objectives of this service are to:


  • Identify the fire hazards which have the potential to cause injury

  • Identify who is at risk e.g. employees, visitors, contractors

  • Identify what measures are already in place to avoid a fire or reduce it to an acceptable level

  • Determine what additional precautions need to be taken

  • Provide recommendations for an on-going review and monitoring of the preventative and protective measures

The stages of our service include:


  • Defining the initial scope of the assessment project

  • Identifying the activities/premises which are to be assessed

  • Scheduling a Surveyor to visit the premises to conduct the assessment

  • Identifying and recording the hazards associated with each activity

  • Recording precautions already in place

  • Providing recommendations on additional precautions to reduce risks to an acceptable level

  • Agreeing procedures for the review and monitoring of the Fire Risk Assessment


We offer:


  • Fire Risk Assessment services

  • On-going support and to ensure that the fire risk assessments are up-to-date and suitable

  • Communication to residents and employees to ensure they are aware of their on-going safety responsibilities